Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lebanese Food @ Mall of Emirates, Dubai

Mall of Emirates is the biggest mall in Dubai and it is really huge. After all the walking we were hungry and ended up in a food court stall selling Lebanese foods. Beirut, we ordered Hommos, grill chicken, beef, lamb,shrimps, fish, khash khash kebab
Veges salad “Tabbouleh” was good. And served with a lot of nan breads.
The foods tasted good especially the Hommos & Tabbouleh.
Gary arranged to meet up with two Malaysian contractors and shared their work experiences here in Dubai. These gentlemen by the names of Terry & Chop have been in Dubai for the last 4 over years. Things are not as rosy but need lots of hard works to survive in this part of the world.
They took the chicken and lamb rice, something like nasi beriani.They even have snow ski in the mall.

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