Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dubai's Skyscrapers & Landmarks

Traffic jams in Dubai is terrible especially during rush hours. Imagine currently with a 5 lanes road and it has difficulty to contain the amount of vehicles on the road. Fortunately, a Mass Rapid Transport system is under construction hopefully this will alleviate the situation in the future traffic.
The tallest building in the world is still growing and slowly shaping into the desired form, but I still think and prefer that our Petronas Twin Towers are beautiful, unique, elegance with superb characteristic even though they have been dwarfed……
This place is a real madness with highrise buildings everywhere, I always wonder where does the people come from to fill up the space… can see all kinds of form & shape of buildings and all are tall.. and very tall indeed…
This one the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel which always signify Dubai, icon of Dubai, we managed to reach the main road entrance nothing beyond that unless you have reservation for makan, if not you have to just stay away or view from far away…
This one landmark is next to Burj Al Arab, a water theme park Wild Wadi I guess this is something like Sunway Lagoon.
The Palm...... the condo at both sides of the road leading into the palm.

This point is the farest we can reached

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