Saturday, May 10, 2008

hAppY MOthEr's dAy

The decision to celebrate Mother's Day at home was made to avoid bad experiences of long wait, overpriced meal, crowd and stress. At own ground it will be always a relaxing pace.

Mum insisted that we have dinner at home, so I brought 49 number of cup cakes for the occasion.
Thanks Mum for these........

Fried Siew Yoke,

steamed Bentong Chicken, very goooood..

Stir fried Kailan with lovely ingredients in it.

juicy & tasty LaLa.....

My favourite wonderful and powerful soup.

Gaint mango for dessert....

After dinner, we crossed over to our neighbour's house, the Ungs' with our cup cakes for a joint celebration.

The four qualified mothers for the ablum.

Two elderly mums....

& Jo with Mum & our lovely aunty.

Jo de Mother with her 3 wonderful sons.

Zelin with Clement Ung, Clara & beautiful Crystal.

HaPPy MoThEr'S dAy!!!

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