Saturday, June 07, 2008

Black Storm in Hong Kong

The Government of Hong Kong declared the day as Black Storm. TV forecasted weather to be severe thunder storm and possibly flooding and landslide. We suppose to visit The Peak & Ocean Park but it was a big disappointment for the kids as it would be dangerous to proceed to these places. Looking for alternative destinations..
Flash floods were seen in the streets of Kowloon. Workers busy cleaning the streets & buildings.
Vehicles trapped in the flood.
All the way from Malaysia to witness the worst storm & flood faced by Hong Kong since the last 40 over years.
We took a train (some thing like our Malaysian KTM Commuter) from Mongkok East to East Tsim Sha Tsui. Getting our tickets for the ride….
The time was 8 something in the morning but the sky was still dark and dull. Worst of all, we could not surface from the train station and the nearby areas or shops were yet to be opened. Breakfast has to be delayed, kids starting to get restless.
Hence we decided to travel further south of Hong Kong and across underneath the sea to Hong Kong Island to Central Station. This time traveling with MTR (Mass Transit Railway), the train is much longer than the one in K.L. Everyone was hungry by then and desperately looking for food outlets. At last we got to eat at this shop Tsui Wah Restaurant at Wellington Street, Central.
XO tiger Prawn noodle - HK37.

Marcoroni with Ham
Beef noodle
Instant noodle with Char Siew

Bun with pork

Long hot dog
Bun with ham & egg
After the meal, time to execise, walk and walk….
The market area
Fresh seafood
Pork seller
Oriental décor
The famous Police Station of Hong Kong
Nearby the Police Station is this popular slope walk path you get to see in the TV,
Every roads here are sloppy.
Ferry back to Kowloon
HK Clock Tower
Avenue of Stars
Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan

Jet Li

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