Friday, June 06, 2008

Wet Day in Hong Kong

The 2nd day was a wet day. Raincoats & umbrellas were selling very briskly in Disneyland. Though it was raining cats and dogs, we braved the rain and the kids continued to participate in the rides. We had breakfast at the Disneyland, more or less the same kind of foods as the previous day. It was a real wet day. Xiang Yi going for the Autopia for the 2nd time. Kids on the Space Mountain ride.
12.45pm we left Mickey's place for Mongkok, Kowloon. And checked into Royal Plaza Hotel, a so centralised hotel with so many connecting facilities. Everyone was excited, immediately after checking in, we went looking for food. A nearby restaurant 'Maxim Palace' for Dim Sum (located at 8th floor of Grand Century Plaza). These were ordered:-
Siew Mai
Chicken pau
Fish paste with bitter gourd
delicious foo choke special
pork ribs
goose feet
lotus rice
fried wonton
Pork pastry

Immediately after that we went down to 5th floor, a Food Court and tasted some more foods:-
Egg Tarts
Wonton Noodle
Mixed Pork Porridge
Do you know what is at this food court.
A device fixed underneath the tables of the food court for patrons to hang whatever bags they are carrying. Such a fine & thoughtful device. Bravo....
About 2 something we then headed to Ladies Market & the surrounding areas. Yes.... still raining and crowded with people just like a warfare people armed with dangerous poking umbrellas.
Saw this appealing beef delicacy but cannot stomach any further. Have to call a 'Pass' for that moment.
Such a typical Hong Kong scene, as seen it movie or TV.
Believe it or not, we saw this sign in Mongkok... Wonder whom this salon parlour is trying to attract. Sign in Melayu.
Mahjong Playing Shop caught our attention....
Curry fish balls, cuttlefish, fried fat sausages, stinko to fu, dim sum etc etc... at this street food stall, so tempting and I had to try....
Some windows shopping.
Peter bought a pair of Timberland shoe. All the wet walking and the kids nagging which we have eventually to take a break and return to the hotel, it was around 7pm.......

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