Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The King of Exploding Beef Balls

It was somewhere in Mongkok @ Bute Street we went into a shop with the name of “Lok Yuen King of Beef Ball” Chiu Chau Noodle. Apparently they have several branches around Hong Kong. We ordered several types and it was too much to stomach but we managed to finish them off.
This famous outlet is also being promoted and listed in the Hong Kong Tourist Brochure - a 50 must try snacks.
The place was crowded with people on a Saturday evening.
Fish Balls
Fish Dumplings
Fish Maw Balls

Beef Balls

All are very explosive. I accidentally hurt Jo face twice while sinking my teeth into the balls
There is even a movie about these exploding beef balls.Mongkok on a Saturday Night is always packed with people. Hong Kong such a small place, little space, little room, small corner and hardly any greenery in Mongkok area.

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