Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kg. Desa Aman - Steamed Tilapia

Restoran Ah Soon has been upgraded since the last time I tasted their foods way back 5 years ago. They have shifted 8 doors away with bigger space and more conducive atmosphere as compared to previously. In fact they were operating in the old place without any name.
Their specialty is the steamed tilapia fish in a baking tray. Now the tray is made of stainless steel where previously was of aluminum type.
"Yeaw Cha Kuai" goes very well with the gravy. This time around the gravy is found to be too sweet……. remember it was not like that before.
Another good and tasty curry wild boar meat.
A simple stir fried vegetable.
All for RM50nett nett including a pot of Chinese tea.

Location : along Jalan DA/1, Kg. Desa Aman (literally translated into the local dialect means “Taiping Garden”) next to a Chinese Temple.
Opens only from Monday to Saturday for Lunch ONLY.

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