Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sate Kajang Haji Samsuri @ Taman Melati

The business of this place is so good but the satay was bad. Looking at the place, I think the effect of the 40% fuel increase has not really gone into effect. People is still spending money, maybe it's Father's Day.We were served with over-burnt satay. The operator should has good quality control over their food as it is importance to maintain and continue their popularity. Originated from the famous satay town, Kajang and Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samsuri has been the talk in term of satay eating.
The peanut sauce is the main factor of its popularity and if you like hot & spicy you can add this (sambal belacan) into the sauce for the extra oomp.
Here is the traditional ketupat and cucumber which go very well with the satay but something is missing here?? where is the onion!!!! again the Management is neglecting the basic needs of a satay feast.
The modern satay man is the smoke chamber...
Malaysian dessert ABC (Air Batu Campur) or also popularily known as Ice Kacang...
A plate of supposedly 20 sticks of chicken, 10 sticks of beef, 5 sticks of lamb and 5 for rabbit meat.
The service is poor due to tremendous patronage that night, two of our food order did not manage to reach us, Orane Juice & Mamak Mee Goreng. There were people waiting for tables for their turns to makan, we decided to pay and walk over 7-11 Store for the missing drinks.
Hope Haji Samsuri can do something about the SERVICE....

This oulet is located at Taman Melati and it is along the main road of MRR2. (Middle Ring Road 2).

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Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I guess I have to agree with you about Satay Haji Samuri at Taman Melati (not too sure bout other places). There are times when theres soooo many people, they kinda neglected some orders (don't know whether its deliberately done or not). I once went there for a family occasion and we had to wait for hours! And the service was kinda crap. I know the employees were tired with so many customers coming in, but it's kinda like their job, don't you think? They were paid to serve, so whats with the crappy faces?? We just left and went to a restaurant near DePalma hotel. Food there was SCRUMPTIOUS, I didn't miss satay kajang one bit..
One thing I notice about Satay Kajang T.Melati is when there aren't too many people, they'd serve you well. I went there yesterday and it was great! Got my Apple susu, 5 beef satay and 5 chicken satay (Which was perfectly cooked btw)
So, my lesson is, turn around and find other place whenever you see long queues at the counter.lolz!