Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd Day of CNY - Golf Day

Almost all Chinese New Years in Malaysia is a hot affair, it is the hottest time of the year where one would drag to go out into the sun. I always look forward having a game or two of golf in Sungai Petani. Golfers are not afraid of the sun once they are out on the golf course. The DRY fairway of Harvard GCCand covered with leaves from the rubber trees. A typical signage of Harvard GCC. John Denver was here in 1994 and planted this tree at Hole No. 11.
The driving range of Harvard GCC. Something new in this golf club, a food menu sticked on the screen of the buggy for those who are hunger. I enjoyed the game with Chee Tai Hoe, Chong and Yong Lim even though I lost a small wager.

It’s dinner time, looking for Chinese meal during CNY is always difficult and if you managed to find one it will be pack with people. We found one on our way back home to fetch our starving family members for dinner. Rice, a staple food of Malaysian which is a must in our daily meal.All time favourite of the children, belacan fried chicken which is difficult to find in Kuala Lumpur. Fish maw, pork ligament, mushroom, dry oysters cooked with brocolli. Thai kerabu jelly fish / weeds another tasty dish. Steamed fish in spicy Thai style. Sweet and sour pork (Thai style) which the kids find it different.This dish was everbody's favourite, stir fried tapioca leaves, simple but delicious. And everyone was satisfied with the dinner and time for dessert back in Yong Lim's house. A home baked cheese cake by Ching Phing de baker. Yes, it was Jo's birthday (actually in a couple of days time) and here the birthday girl and the baker. A birthday song by the junior choir.

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