Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Deal @ Oriental Seafood Gurney

It was decided based on the good location of the restaurant for a family dinner and moreover there were only a handful of restaurants open on the 1st day of CNY. Hence, Oriental Seafood Gurney was picked for the occasion.
But it was a bad deal indeed. For a RM578.00 dinner the food was LOUSY. Yes, really lousy and service too was horrible.
On the bright side, we were able to sit down again among our family members for such an auspicious day with our mom. We treasured the moment but not the food.
Yee Sang was alright even though it was pre-prepared with all the stuffs ready including the slices of salmon. Anyway, the kids enjoyed it.

Shark fin soup was like kind of adulterated. Marmite prawns were totally tasteless ...
Herbal chicken was not as tasty as it should be. All were lousy, the lotus rice, the fish etc etc. It was a rip off.
Don't go near the place for any apparent reason.

Despite the bad experience at Oriental Seafood Gurney we continued to enjoy the evening at Gurney Drive, with Grandmother pampering her grand children. This year there were no fireworks for the children to play, the police was really serious about such illegal sale of fireworks at Gurney Drive. We even witnessed vendors being harassed by the policemen for trying to sell such stuffs.

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