Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Gathering @ Home

A small CNY gathering was held at our house and it was lovely that friends and relatives were able to come. It is good to jam up the house once a while with people making the home very “lau jua” and “ong” especially for this Year of de Ox.
A toss of "Yee Sang". And dinner is served..... Good old neighbour, Zelin with 2 beautiful daughters and her mum beside. Lee Siew Wah, Jan Chan with their mum. Patrick Lau & Family. Yeo & Kok Leong. Kids were having good time and still in holiday mood. Mahjong session in progress. People like Ung, Kok Leong, Siew Wah & myself at this table for drinks. Happy New Year.

Ong Ong Lai Lai for this Ngu Ni........

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