Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Naza Sorento - A Nightmare Vehicle

What a day at the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) when my car broke down due to a faculty radiator nozzle. I had to pull my car immediately at kilometer 23.8 after Duta Toll heading for office when I noticed the rising temperature.
The Highway Patrol Rescue team came within 15 minutes after I called them and confirmed it was the radiator that was damaged and requires assistance of a toll truck. I then called Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) for a toll truck and was informed that I might have to wait for at least one and half to two hours for the truck as all AAM trucks were busy rescuing in Klang Valley.
True enough; a truck came after 2 hours but not an AAM truck but a sub contractor truck, outsourced by AAM. AAM should have outsourced earlier and the truck could have arrived much earlier. All in all I spent 2 and three quarter hours at kilometer 23.8 enjoying the high speed vehicles passing by, fortunately there this shed for motor cyclists for shelter come raining days where I found a shed to wait. These are graffiti found at this pondok. AAM, where aaaare youuuuu????

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