Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Haikou Cup Prize Presentation Dinner , Hainan Island China

On the third night, it was time to present and declare the winners of this Haikou Cup at the Prize Presentation dinner at Golden Coast Lawton Hotel @ 68 Renmin Avenue, Haikou, the Coconut Island of China.

Siew Wah showing off the momento of the Gross Winner of this Haikou Cup Game.

Pee Kiat enjoying himself in the dinner.

The dinner @ one of the hotel hall.

And these were prizes to be given out to the winners of the game.

The whiskey has to be finished before we leave the island.

These were the dishes provided for us and for the winners of Haikou Cup to celebrate and remember the wonderful experience of golf in Haikou City. The food was something like home cooked food. What a shame! It was either a case of low budget or some other factors unknown to us. My kitchen at home can easily come up with such dishes…

Braised pig intestine, pork belly, tongue egg and tofu, it seems that we have been eating this dish quite often in this island in the last 3 days,

Brinjals also seems to be a common sight on the dining table, must be a popular dish in Hainan Island. Interesting way of cooking and it is delicious.

Sweet & sour fish fillet, nothing to shout about... pass.

Chicken cooked with mushroom, carrot and chinese wine, a common dish seen in the homes of Malaysian Chinese and we have it here in a hotel in Haikou City.

Fried small prawns......

Long beans stir fried with Lup Cheong (Chinese saugage).

Chinese cabbage with minced pork meat soup.

Doesn't it all look like home cooked food? Well that was thr Grand Dinner.....

My buddies were all disappointed and immediately after this dinner we went to a restaurant to savour for more authentic local cuisine and it was at Man Fu Long Restaurant.

Unfortunately I did not take any picture of the great dishes we had in Man Fu Long. A night at 2 restaurants for 2 dinners, some even had supper before calling it a night.

Anyway, we have to leave Haikou City for home the following morning and has to say goodbye. Hopefully one day I shall return to see more of the Sunny Island.

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Selba said...

Too bad that the food was a disappointment as it's like home cooked food, but actually it looks so yummy :)