Thursday, October 29, 2009

Restoran Tuck Kee - Re-visit for More

Another visit to Restoran Tuck Kee at Taman Bukit Maluri, Kuala Lumpur but this time we were able to try different dishes as compared to our previous visit. We were lucky that Ah Tuck de Boss was around to entertain us.

Sai Toh fish balls were superb, bouncy, and juicy. The feeling of your teeth sinking into the balls was fabulous. What a wonderful fish balls of Tuck Kee.

The next dish was braised sea cucumber with mushroom and broccoli. The sea cucumbers were turgid and lovely when biting the pieces, such a well prepared sea cucumber dish.

A Sang Poh clay pot of a big cat fish (Ling Yue) with lot of young ginger in it was good.

Oyster omelet was not that good, the oysters were over cooked and was a bit too dry.

Sambal squid was above average nothing fantastic about it but palatable.

These Lady Fingers were lovely, with prawn meat on it. The center cores of the Lady Fingers were removed. What a great and delicious plate of Lady Fingers.

Thanks to Ah Tuck for showing me the uncooked fish baits, he even went back to the kitchen to dress up these fish baits.

Deep fried white baits went with the whiskey. I got it wrong on my previous post mentioning it was some kind of dry anchovies.

Pork rib soup with white tofu was delicious, a bit tangy but bloody tasty. It must be the Ham Choy (salted veggie) and the tomatoes in it. I do not mind having it again the next time I visit Ah Tuck.

Smoked Duck finely sliced just to the right taste for the Chew Kooi (Drinkers).
The great and famous Ah Tuck’s Tai Pau quarterly cut with a shower of steamed pork ribs Dim Sum over it. Very good neh. Almost every one of us went back home with a packed Tai Pau.

And a sweet dessert ball for each of us something like Muar Chee on the outside coated with pounded peanuts but with a hidden treasure inside. It’s black, warm and juicy sesame seeds paste. A must try dessert of Ah Tuck RM1.40 per ball but not available everyday.

After our dinner it was time for food sampling???, Ah Tuck fish out with his Siew Mai for the new comers to taste. It was fresh and good.

The sampling continued with Joo Hoo Eng Chye (Penang Cuttlefish with Kangkong). I must say this is the best JHEC in Klang Valley. The sauce was good, the cuttlefish was succulent and it was really tasty despite our tummies were already full to the max…..
Restoran Tuck Kee
No. 39, Jalan Burung Jentayu,
Taman Bukit Maluri
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.199999, 101.632161


worldwindows said...

This is a feast! The first fish bait I took was in Manhattan Fish Market! Have not seen an uncooked one.

hApPy HaPpY said...

Worldwindows - this kind of makan only once a while lah ...