Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Images From Friends Around the World.

The feeling was good and nostalgic when I came back home from my Friday night drinking session after seeing these images. Thank you to Yen Ling, Sahat & Kannika for contributing these 2 materials.

From KK, Sabah, Sahat took the pain to scan and distribute this priceless image of us in our Debating Society during our Form 2 days (1972 if I am not wrong).
From left, Sahat (now in Kota Kinabalu), Arbait Boro (Tawau), Dr. Aziz Ahmad (Kulim), Hamzah (a teacher where??), Ram Naidu (Policeman where??), Chubby boy(sorry cannot remember his name) and hApPy HaPpY
(Image courtesy of Sahat Sadikun)

This photo (from Kanni all the way from Germany) must be taken in 1974. Late Rahaimin (1st Malay friend who was very good in Mathematics), Hamzah (a teacher), Wong Kok Choo (Ipoh), Vengadasamy Sekaran (migrated to US?) and Dr. Aziz on the right.
Photo courtesy of Kannika

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Tamijudin said...

Hi Tailim,
It's me again. i have been returning to your blog repeatedly again and again just to see these images. Thank you for uploading!