Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Penang Fried “Tua Pan Koay Teow” @ Bandar Menjalara

Whenever I am back in Penang, I would try not to miss this Fried “Tua Pan Koay Teow” and have been eating this dish since my childhood days.
They also call it "Lagna" in Thailand.

I am very happy to know that there is one stall now in Kuala Lumpur selling this kind of noodle and that is in Bandar Menjalara. The taste and quality is quite close to those found in Penang, the 2 prawns were fresh and yummy. RM4.50 for this.

They served with this sambal belacan instead of pickled chilli.
This stall is located at the same shop selling my favourite fish ball noodle. See here.
Chow Kee Coffee ShopJalan 9/62A
Bandar Menjalara
Kuala Lumpur
GPS : 3.19454, 101.631946


SimpleGirl said...

this type of koay teow also not common in Ipoh.....

hApPy HaPpY said...

Hi SimpleGirl, this is Penang signature dish... a great and everlasting dish.

Anonymous said...

it looks like teo chiew kuay tewo to me :) yum yum

hApPy HapPy said...

Hi jg,
How does teo chiew kuay tewo look like? Is it known as such in Sibu?
Maybe post the Sibu version it would interesting..