Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pork Noodle @ Restoran New Seaview, Paramount Garden

I wanted to try the Char Siu at a shop opposite Restoran New Seaview but the Char Siu has all sold out, a bit too late. Hence, I went over to New Seaview to look for alternative.
Somehow, judging around the people in the coffee shop, there were quite a number of them eating Pork Noodles, I reckoned it must good and decided to order one.

I enjoyed the soup and it has a lot in it. It was tasty and a genuine flavour of minced pork. Simple dish yet very delicious.

A generous chunk of minced pork found hidden underneath the choy sum veggie and lean meat.
Restoran New Seaview,
Paramount Garden
Jalan SS20/7
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.110416, 101.627416

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worldwindows said...

There is something so right and good about Malaysian food. Taste good and can be found everywhere. My favourite noodles since I came to KL.