Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My neighbours with the Surname Ang / Ung 洪

I met my childhood neighbour from Padang Serai, Ang (洪) York Chan at the same resort we were staying. What a coincidence and this One for the album with his family.

It's meal time again and everyone is enjoying the gorgeous meal specially arranged by the founder of this resort. It is always good to have the founder of the resort with you. Thank you again to Ah How de Big Brother for his hospitality.

The foods that pampered the holiday makers of Redang Pelangi.

These city kids having their first try of beach volleyball & they love it.

These city kids do not play much of out door games and at Redang Island they were exposed to the sun and enjoyed a game of volleyball at the beach. It was so nice that they have forgotten their computers. Time to wash up and get ready for dinner.

It's Karaoke time and Bogie time in the evening. I like the two friendly squirrels running around at the Canteen. They like eating bisciuts. Mr. Ung (洪) of Bistro 32 (Damansara Utama) my current neighbour back in Kuala Lumpur definitely enjoyed his stay at Redang Pelangi Resort.

I have two immediate neighbours with the same surname Ang (洪) in my life time.

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