Sunday, June 13, 2010

Snorkeling @ Marine Park & Turtle Bay of Pulau Redang

The cloud was thick the sun was hidden. And this is the morning scenery for a sun rise experience at the white sandy beach of Pulau Redang.

A quiet morning at the jetty in front of the resort.

Snaps captured from my compact camera.

On the 2nd day we went to Redang Marine Park to snorkel. You need not have to go far and deep sea to see coral & marine life, at Marine Park there are lots to see. Our guides Albert and Ah Or are good they taught and showed many things about coral and marine life. You are not allowed to collect any coral even dead coral. You are prohibited to fish at the Marine Park. Avoid sun tan lotion that is chemically harmful to coral reefs. The amounts of visitors with the amount of harmful lotion have already killed many coral reefs at Redang. Marine Park is packed with many visitors during this school holiday season.

Albert fed a shy eel with a mackerel fish. The eel came out of its hiding spot and exposing its whole body. It was very interesting in deed seeing this live and funny looking creature underwater. We were supposed to see a big Grouper fish but he was not around. Probably he took leave to avoid the school children, teachers and parent. Well done. The Government has done a good job protecting the area.

Turtle Bay was another interesting spot (also known as Pasir Chagar Hutang) on our 3rd day, our boat has to be anchored away from the shore and have to swim a distance to see turtles. Strong Albert dragged a group of us to witness the turtles. We saw a few of them swimming at the sea, also at the bottom of the sea bed and a couple mating. It was a good educational experience for the kids. We also saw trail marks of turtles at the beach. The beach is prohibited for people to land, it is solely the turtle.

We saw this US$9 Million boat anchored near Redang Pelangi Resort. It belongs to a Royalty family from the neighbouring State. Xiang Yi taking a nap during his boat ride back to the resort.

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