Saturday, July 14, 2012

Training for Penang CFAL @ Bukit Damansara

On a Wednesday night a group of cyclists gathered at Damansara Heights for a ride in the name of training for the coming Penang CFAL. Most of the riders are foldies.
It was also a good time to meet new friends and for some it was their first ride of such nature.
A snap with the organiser Miss.Well and a special thank you to her for arranging this ride.
The discovery of a pair that looks alike Jimmy & Joe.
 At Shell petrol station counting the sheep and making sure no one is missing.

 Some of the faces of the night.

This is one fast & dashing folding bike and this rider surely cycles fast too.
Another lady rider among the several and they are good riders mind you.
After a sweaty and tough outing especially going up the difficult climbs, it was time to repay the pain we suffered with some beer & Guinness Stout. We shall meet again.

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Jotaro Zen said...


I think it's CFLA - Cycle For Lane Awareness.