Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I like New Ubin Seafood

This place was a good recommendation by my old buddy, we took a cab to Sin Ming Industrial area and among the many car workshops there stood this eating paradise.
This is sinful but gorgeous it's fried fish roe with petai, the sambal gravy was excellent. Though it's sinful but irresistible.
Ubin brinjal delight was a good experience it was sweet and the bite was crunchy, Jo loves it so much.
Classic chili crabs - fresh and succulent. The gravy eaten with dried muntou was good
German Knuckle with very crispy skin and juicy meat. 
Fried Baby Shrimps - so crispy and tasty, this went very well with our drinks.
Sambal belacan was prefect there is absolutely no complaint about this marvel. I enjoyed the crispy shrimp with this dip...so yummy leh.
Lilian enjoyed the food too and I hope she will be able take me to good places like Ubin in the near future.
My lovely wife and my niece.
My good old buddy from Kulim, Eu Jin have been in Singapore for donkey's years and I was very happy to see him again. Thanks for bringing us to New Ubin, the food was fantastic.

New Ubin Seafood
Block 27, Sin Ming
#01-174 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A
            (+65) 6466 9558      
GPS : 1.356143,103.839649

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Somewhere in Singapore said...

Didn't tell me u in Singapore...

Sin Tai Lim said...

SiS - My apology...my schedule was too tight.....too much time spent in riding....next time.