Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Down Memory Lane to Padang Serai, my Birth Place.

I love this town.
This is the cowboy town where I was born and spent my childhood days here with many memories.
There were only three main roads in Padang Serai, where I would cycle around the town freely and no worry whatsoever. The roads are Bagan, Baling & Lunas but the town has mushroomed tremendously with many houses and shops towards the nearby kampongs.

 Though I did not study here in this school called Shang Cheng but I spent a lot of time here especially my for favourite sports like basketball, volleyball, football and Sepak Raya (now known as Sepak takraw). The front wing now is a newly built building which I am glad for the people in Padang Serai. I miss the old design of the front facade of the school as compared to this boxy design.

This must be my favourite fruit stall at the bus station where I would empty all my shillings of the day for drinks, jelly or fruits before I would walk back home after school.
The big trees are still standing majestically at the bus station, I remembered I enjoy watching road side traders peddling selling traditional medicine & magic shows or snakes handling and many more.
One of the few old shops in town still around and nostalgic but slowly they will be replaced with new ones. This shop belongs to my primary school classmate he has stayed on and took over from the older generation.
The few more oldies further down Bagan Road. 
This market is new to me, it used to be a Sunday Market. I missed the Sunday market.
Another case of old shop that have ceased business, I like the Bihun soup cooked by En. Azmi, I wonder where is he now?
Somewhere along this block of shops used to be our house, a wooden hardware shop and also my birth place. I am still hunting old images of them.
Opposite our house I used to see this view daily and it is still standing there today for me to see.
Just in case you do not know where is Padang Serai, these are the neighbouring towns.
I attended my Aunty Gosim's funeral and had a chance to meet old friends and old places....time flies...


Jun said...

hi... i would like to ask you if there is any bus from butterworth to padand serai.. since it's your hometown.

user2 said...

Do you have any old images of Jln Baling? I lived there but no photos.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Jun - PS has been a long time for me but I am sure the bus service is still available from B'worth to Pdg Serai.

User2c - I would love to have old images too if you have please share...I have none and still searching....

Tan Eng Chong said...

Jun- u can take cityliner 52 to pdg. Serai from butterworth bus station. royghly rm4 if im not mistaken.

Tailim- gd pictures. Miss it.. i thk u can post more pictures abt pdg. Serai.. i like d old post office but d closed down.. wasted.. don know d paddy field is still there o not..