Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Taiwan House @ Ampang Point - Beef Noodle

All the sudden I was craving for a soupy meal and I thought of Taiwan House at Ampang Point. It been a long time I last visited the shop, we were hoping that it's still operating. After a few wrong turns and going down & up of the escalators we finally found it. Business was as good as usual...that means food is still as good as usual.
The beef noodle soup is a must try noodle here at Taiwan House. The last time I tried could be a few years back. I still like it very much and the taste was as good as the last time I tried but not the one at the branch (shop house somewhere nearby the shopping mall)... just wonder why.....probably my taste bud got mixed up on that particular day ...hehehe.
Dry Beef  Glass Noodle - Jo like it especially the tender beef meat.
BBQ Chicken Rice - "just like Amah's soy sauce chicken" as quoted by Zuyi.
The rice for the BBQ chicken with potatoes & one tiny piece of carrot.

I like this super duper hot & spicy chili sauce. The whole sauce into my bowl of  beef soup noodle and the taste is really magnificent.

Taiwan House Restaurant 

Lot F31, 1st Floor

Ampang Point Shopping Centre
Jalan Mamanda 3
68000 Ampang
Tel:603 - 4251 5131
GPS : 3.157619,101.751305

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AugustDiners said...

haha, love how you would spend much effort exploring and looking for good food! i quite like this taiwanese beef noodle call hing loong taiwanese noodles, have you tried it before?