Sunday, July 08, 2012

Super Sunday Ride @ Bukit Cahaya

I would like to thank Dave Ern & his team for organising this beautiful event  in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

From folding bikes to road bikes, young and old and most importantly from all kind of races of Malaysian ethnicity taking part in the event. The weather was fantastic it was after a night down fall a couple of hours before we rode.
I am already in the fifth month into this hobby and these two newbies are slowly but surely into it too. Welcome  my friends. A simple but nice breakfast at Pelita Section Nine Shah Alam before we start to ride.
 8:10 - The gate is still closed and we found out that it will only opened at 8:30. A good time to mingle around meet new friends.

 8:20 - The orginasers have pre-purchased entry ticket for us. Only RM3.00 per person. And a separate entrance for visitors in group.
Father & son team from Puchong.
8:40 - Briefing by Dave.
 End of the briefing three hand phone numbers were given in case of any emergency. The folding bikes were given the honour to start first.

 8:55 - Experiencing the beautiful but not easy ride of the Stage 1.

 9:00 - Stage 1 was completed without any hassle.

Getting ready for a group photo session at the Cactus Garden.
9:05 - Time to resume Stage 2 ride.
9:10 - On the way for Jalan Bersih
The Birdie group at the junction for the most challenging ride up jalan Bersih.
9:22 - A mother going up the hill
 Keep it up kids.....there were some uncles and aunties whom did not did this special stage....Bravo to you.

Another young warrior moving on the battle.
9:30 - Some of us who did not go for the most toughest ride came here for a break, the ticketing booth.
9:45 - Though Nazar did not made it this time but he vows to do it the next time. Bersih shall wait.
 9:55 - Only me & Nazar at the end of Stage 4 Empangan Sg. Baru, those who went up to Menara Sapu Tangan have yet to come down here.

@ Empangan Sg. Baru.
 10:10 - Stopped for a cold & sweet quenching pineapple juice at a Spices & Beverages Fair.

Intersting fair but poor crowd, probably lack of publicity.
 10:20 - on our way out to the last Stage.

10:30 - Friends waiting for the rest of the members to come back from their rides.
12:00 noon - Our lunch at Restoran Nasi Ayam A. Hassan @ Section 13 Shah Alam before we went back home. 

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