Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ride for the King of Fruits @ Lenggeng, Negri Sembilan

6:50 am Curry noodle with Mantin Yong Tau Foo to start the day.

 I spotted this food court and was glad to be able to eat something different other than roti canai at this time of the day and place.

7:15am - Beautiful Broga Hills as I approach our meeting point.
7.20am - Men at work helping Siew Yung to mend her tyre and she had the honour of having our Chief to execute the task.
8.00am - A group photo before we pedal.
8.10am - Our first stop in front of University of Nottingham @ Broga.

8.30am We passed by the point at the entrance to Broga Hill, a popular weekend hike.

Broga Town is popular for their Pan Mee noodle
8:40am - breakfast have yet to be served many were hungry........

8:50am - my half boiled eggs and my second round for breakfast.

The popular Pan Mee & Loh Mee of Broga. There are a few shops in this small town selling the same kind of noodles.
9:00am - Everyone has no more grouses of being hungry....
9:35am - After thirty five minutes of cycling and there was no sign of the king of fruits but this small stall attracted us.
9.40am - We found only this miserable small durian at Mak Cik's stall.
Out of pity she pulled out this durian from no where for us. We decided not to take her secretly kept fruit which she wanted for herself. Such a kind and friendly Mak Cik we have here.
9:45am - Terima Kasih Mak Cik from Pekan Ulu Beranang, hope to see you again next time.
9.55am - There was still no sign of durian for us.
10.00am - We reached a town called Lenggeng and to our happiness we saw some thorny fruits covered up at the front of a shop on the right.
10.05am - The lady boss over heard our quest for the fruits and she unveiled to attract the city flies.

 We had a good time opening the tough & thorny fruits and tasting them was the best moment of all. I love durian!!!

 10.30am - See how we enjoy our Malaysian fruit, Abin on the left is from India and he loves durian too.

The old facades of an old typical small town of Malaysia.
10.45am - That's how durian can make you happy & energetic.

11.00am - Taking a rest before we ascend the most difficult climb of the day and thereafter a breezy downhill ride.
11.15am - We continued to pedal towards Mantin Town, the traffic is heavier on this old trunk road of Seremban - Kuala Lumpur.
11.25am - We reached the same coffee shop we came the last time for a cool drink & a good rest.

12.00 noon - After a good break we left Mantin for Semenyih.

12.05pm - Another tyre casualty encountered by Chong.

12.20pm - It took all in all 15mins to rectify the problem, taking pictures and some lessons here and there.

12.50pm - Beranang a town before Semenyih.

1.05pm - Nearer to Semenyih with intense political heat along the way.

1.10pm - A turn off to Broga and it was our last stretch back to our base.

1.20pm - We completed our ride of 48km with durian flavour and hope to do the route again.
1.40pm - Some of us followed our Chief for lunch....

2:17pm - After a long and scenic drive along Jalan Sg.Lalang / Semenyih Dam stretch Sam finally led us to this restaurant. Away from the weekend lunch crowd.

The place is ideal for a relaxing meal.

Stir fried lettuce.
Stewed pork belly with yam.
Claypot herbal chicken was gorgeous.
I like this terrapin herbal soup.
Tilapia fish in hot clay pot.
Crispy slices of lotus root coated with salted egg was a heaven with the Heineken.
TKO - good show boys.
Thank you my friends we shall meet again.
Langat Seafood & Beer Garden
Lot 100, Jalan Sungai Sop,
Batu 14, Pekan Hulu Langat,
Selangor D.E
Mr. Chen Heng Keong (019-228 6037)
03-9021 7215 / 7216
Business Hour: 11.30am to 11.00pm
with Every alternate Tuesday off

GPS : N 3 6.37865 E 101 48.99582


Jotaro Zen said...

Sin, GPS North coordinate correct?

Sin Tai Lim said...

JOe, Double checked it's correct, or try this format 3.106358,101.816601

Jotaro Zen said...

Thanks Sin. When going riding?