Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Solo Ride to SS2 on a Folding Bike with a Detour

It was a Sunday morning after taking my mother to the market for our usual chore and suddenly I had an urge to cycle to SS2 to meet my wife at her dad's place. And here was I ready to pedal.
From Setiawangsa to Kg Datuk Keramat and then "take me there" Chow Kit Road.
I wanted to check out a vehicle at Ipoh Road and passed by this building where I was a part of the development which has transformed from a sawmill to a shopping mall. This was also the sawmill where famous Botak Chin was shot & caught here.
Opposite Kompleks Mutiara still stand some old bungalows of this design which will soon be gone for development so I thought it's a good idea to capture this image before we could not see it again.
At NCK Motor, Jalan Ipoh on a folding bike.
From Ipoh Road I found my way northwards to Kepong Roundabout and turned into Jalan Kepong. which I ended to this garden called Taman Kok Doh.
I cycled to the fringe of the housing scheme surrounded by squatters and came out of the area via this road Lorong Kelapa Bulan which leads to Jalan Kelapa Bulan.
Jalan Kelapa Bulan looks like a newly built road.
From the Coconut Moon Road I came to Taman Megah not in PJ but in Kepong with name like Udang Gantung (what a funny name we have). I was totally lost and was seeking for roads that I know.

After passing through the neighbourhood of Kepong Baru I managed to hit Jalan Lang Emas which leads to Segambut after a turn from Jalan Helang Sewah where there is a church at the junction called Bethany Chapel.
I need to move towards Kiara and got to this turning that leads to Jalan Segambut. 
Jalan Segambut is a narrow road and a short cut for many users travelling between Kepong and Kiara areas. The surroundings are mostly Malay houses with kampong setting which is known as Kampong Segambut Dalam. Imagine it was called the interior Segambut and sounds remote back in those days.
Now you see the contrast of the old and the new, Mont Kiara is of modern skyscrappers and slowly creeping and taking over the old area.
As you move further on the same road of Jalan Kiara 3 you will see this Garden International the right.
Desa Sri Hartamas comes next in the route, a vibrant commercial centre popular for both local & expatriates.
Subsequently I was on Sprint Highway a pretty long stretch and luckily the traffic was not heavy on a Sunday.
I moved into the slip road of Phileo Damansara and proceeded to Taman Tan Sri Lee Yan Lian and Section 17 which all are mostly friendlier roads of housing schemes.
 SS2 is just next to Section 17 and if you know the short cut it's really near and safe. At the front of the new shopping mall "SS2 Mall".

 At last I reached my destination with my father in-law and wife waiting for me. It was a 38km ride, a good and nice exercise on a beautiful Sunday. My wife then ferried me back home in a comfortable and air conditioned automobile. 
hApPy HapPy.

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