Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant @ SS2

My wife likes to come here, she enjoys the food here very much and here we were for a re-visit for a good and authentic Thai cuisine. Sawadi krap....
Steamed Siakap was delicious always hot with burning charcoal beneath and 2 portions please we got 15 of us.
Thai Pandan leaves fried chicken was aromatically delicious.
Hot plate Tofu with minced meat nothing special just an ordinary palatable dish.
Stir fried Kai Lan Veggie with roasted pork was another good choice.
The fried chicken was perfectly fried very crispy on the skin with juicy bites. I like it very much.
Tom Yam Seafood spicy and tangy but lovely.
Fried squids with crispy coat and succulent fresh.
Another great appetizer,  (Yam Voon Send)  Seafood Kerabu with glass noodle fresh and inviting.
My son Zuyi's no.1 favourite, creamy Green Chicken Curry. He wants to learn how to cook this.
I am sure this dessert could be done better but because of the weekend crowd things were not done as they should be hence quality of such secondary dishes was questionable. .

 15 of us enjoyed the food, the food was spendid, except for the air conditioning which was not effective and service was bad too. Too many tasks with too few workers (I pity the staff). That's what is likely to happened if you eat out during a weekend. If we were to come during week days I am sure we would enjoy the meal better.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant

No. 26, Jalan SS2/10,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel:             +6 03 7877 7659       /             +6 012 378 9618      
GPS : 3.115716,101.616909

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Anonymous said...

hi hi .. how r u ? long time no see
what camera do u use to take pics ah ..

Sin Tai Lim said...

Samsung Galaxy S2 for these but most of my pics from Fujifilm camera.

Anonymous said...

ooh thanks :)