Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Second Date with Ulu Langat Ride

The Ulu Langat Dam is such a beautiful dam and we had a plan to ride until Sg. Tekala but we did not complete it this round. I will do it in the near future.
Our goal to reach this point (at the border of Selangor & Negeri Sembilan) was accomplished.
It was before 8 o'clock the mist was thick and a lovely weather to cycle up the hill.
A pit stop before the "dead man" climb which is about 500 metres away.
Here we were at the "T" junction of the famous climb. To the right direction is to the dam area & waterfall of Sg. Tekala and left direction is to Genting Peras at the border of Negeri Sembilan.
Yew Ming came up late to catch up with us and he did it non stop until Peras. Well done to this seasoned rider.
After a short rest at Genting Peras and we took a breeze downhill roll back to the T junction and decided to take the other side of the route to Sg Tekala.
But something held us up as we reached mid way.
A tiny weeny staple that punctured this tyre had disrupted our plan to the waterfall. After spending time recovering this puncture we decided to turn back and head for home.
This man is too fast for us, David was testing his new bike and he made it to the waterfall alone.
Ah Lu, a new face on road bike was not so lucky, he was the one with the flat tyre. 
Young Mui tagging along his dad in this climb well done boy and keep it up.
Beware of monkeys especially if the "Taiko" is around he fear no one and he bullies his fellow species.
Hari Raya was approaching the demand for bamboo was good and it was good money for the Orang Asli.
Old kampong house left idle and dilapidated, slowly the creepers are taking over the house.
It was a Public Holiday in Selangor that was well spent at Ulu Langat Batu 18. We have done justice to ourselves in the name of sport called cycling. We shall do more and see you again.
The Route.

Start (A): Balai Polis Batu 18, Hulu Langat
Checkpoint (B): T-junction
Checkpoint (C): Genting Peras 
Checkpoint (D): Tekala Waterfalls (unaccomplished)

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