Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Second Date with Genting Sempah 11 Aug 2012

Rivern has managed to coax 15 friends to wake early in the morning and meet at 12th Miles Jalan Gombak to do a climb to Genting Sempah.
I was lethargic cos I had a heavy night of drinks & makan. Fortunately my passion was burning enough to bring me here.
I invited Yeaw to join with us and this was his first attempt.
All of us were ready to roll with fresh smile in their faces.
Friends helping to pump air into Yeaw's bike.
Encouraging Yeaw to spin as much as he can as we were going uphill, it was surely a tough affair for him. Though he did not finish but I am sure he is determined to come back to do it again.
The mind says go, the leg muscle says enough is enough. But somehow it has to go on and there was nothing to compromise.....
So near yet so far .... de Boss said "it's already near and we will be there soon".
At last I can see the rest of the group at the final point waiting for us I was glad to see them.
After a good break it was time to roll down to our cars. It was an easy and breezy roll along the old Bentong road.
Some of us proceeded to Air Panas, Setapak for some nice and delicious fried noodles.
Thank You Mr. Rivern for initiating this ride again, in fact this spot is his favourite place. See you again at Genting Sempah, maybe  next time we will go further to the Chinese village at Bukit Tinggi.

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