Monday, August 06, 2012

Kuala Selangor - Sekinchan Ride

Good Morning Kuala Selangor - we came early in the morning to paint town.

These were the colours we brought along for you.
Dahon Speed P8 team going strong & steady.
My rear tyre required more pressure and my pressure gauge was the one in blue helmet he gauges by feeling.....
Probably due to high air pressure my tyre gave way.
As usual in any breakdown there will be many volunteers around to help but most are of supervisory level. Better than none.
Thank you Yew Ming for his speedy recovery, I owed Wee an inner tube and Yew Ming toddy drink. The time taken to repair was approximately 15mins as compared to my recent solo recovery in Singapore which took me one and half hour.
The cendol wasn't ready and we were waiting eagerly for a cool cendol drink.... I had a wonderful durian cendol and it was spendid.

Pirate of Sekinchan
The route we took for this  Kuala Selangor - Sekinchan - Kuala Selangor Invasion.
I love Sekinchan.

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