Friday, August 24, 2012

Foldies @ Karak - Bentong - Karak Loop

Wow.... I am in trouble how can I reach Karak Town on time. A serious bumper to bumper traffic jam  at Karak Highway.
I was late by one and half hour, I thought my friends have left me out and I would be looking for them somewhere along the proposed route. How nice, they waited for me and allowed me to have a Char Koay Teow with a Kopi 'O'.
The Karak Char Koay Teow I had at Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Mee Fong Main Road (GPS :3.412947,102.035812) 
All set and ready to go.
 We left Karak town slightly after 9.00am which we were supposed to leave at 7.30am. My apology again.

The traffic on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa was not only busy at the main roads and highways but occasionally at kampong roads too.
I met Ah Pan two years older than me but he is super fit, speaks fast and rides fast too.
The taking over by another generation of palms as the old withered.
Hahaha ... not Kota Baru....we were not going there not for the time being.
Foldies taking a break while the Chief checking the route with his GPS device.
My faithful Dahon P8 going places again.
After a tough and undulating climb we finally reached Bentong town and the time was about 12.20pm 
 Chief & Ah Pan regular stops at this popular bicycle shop known as "Pusat Basikal Bentong". Mind you the bikes sold here are branded ones leh.

Famous ABC ice Kacang of Bentong at Kow Po,  Kedai Kopi & Makanan Kok Hing
No 117, Jalan Pasdec, 
28700 Bentong
Tel: 016-922 1695
GPS : N03 31.292 E101 54.486
Standard version of Kow Po's ABC.
I got to know more of these kids young and full of potential. The one in red is only in Standard 4 Primary, the dark blue is  Form 2 Secondary and the eldest is in Form 4. All of them are good riders and ride fast.
These are their bikes and obviously always ahead of us and waiting for us at all the stop pits.
So long Bentong, see you again.
Another 4 km we would be back to Karak Town and a lunch was awaiting us.
As usual our host was ever waiting for us. This time for lunch at Yik Kee Restaurant. My last visit to Yik Kee Restaurant can be seen here
The highlight of the lunch was this gorgeous fish Soon Hock. Perfectly steamed and extremely yummy.
Thank you to Mr. Wong and it was a great lunch @ Yik Kee.
Yik Kee Restaurant
 29 Jalan Besar
28600 Karak
Tel: 609-231 1240
GPS : 3.414187,102.034304  
We were invited to visit Wong's farm and it a good experience to see what a vegetable farm is like which is also his home.
Wong's place is just like a home stay resort, a great place and time to rejuvenate ourselves before we go back home to Kuala Lumpur.
It was so relaxing that I dozed off and had a good re-charge while everyone was still talking about bicycle etc etc.... I will come back to this place if I have the opportunity to do so. Thanks to Sam Cheong for allowing me to follow him in this recce. And also to Ah Pan for guiding us the route with his young riders. Also special thanks to Farmer Wong (also a very keen cyclist) for his hospitality. Thanks you once again.

I would also like to thanks C.K. Toh & Sam Cheong for some of their photos which I have borrowed from facebook.

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