Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Breakfast @ Hougang,Singapore

I wanted to eat prawn noodle the Singapore version and was brought to this food court called  Coffee Express 2000 located at Hougang Street 61 same row as the last time I tried Kimly Seafood during a Chinese New Year day.
Happy Prawn Noodle Lady happily posing for me to capture her lively character. Thumb up.
This bowl of Prawn Noodle with sliced lean meat & pig skin.
Whereas this one with pork ribs. 
Singapore Kway Chap  粿汁 with broad rice noodle which is a popular dish here.
Braised ingredients for the Kway Chap such as duck, meat, egg &  intestines.
Pontian Wan Tan Mee with chilli and or tomato sauce. The characteristic of Singapore's Wan Tan Mee.
The Food Court is clean I guess all places in Singapore have to be clean or else it's not Singapore.

运通 Coffee Express 2000

682 Hougang St 61Singapore530682Singapore
GPS : 1.374731,103.886113

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Kash said...

The prawn noodle soup looks yummy!!!