Friday, February 15, 2013

3rd Day of Chinese New Year Day for an Urban Ride

I love last minute arrangement and I got three friends to join me for a ride between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.
Our Gong Xi Gong Xi greeting from us before we start off from Royal Selangor Club at Dataran Merdeka. With me on my left is Radzi, Seang Nee & JP Chan.
We went through KTM old station ...what a heritage building.
The fabulous four waiting at a traffic light @ Brickfields.
We cleared the motor lane of Federal Highway and exited at Asiajaya interchange where we cut through Section 14, 17 and 16.
Our plan to enter Universiti Malaya via a gate at Section 16 did not materialise as it was closed. We were lucky to gain entry at the main gate @ Jalan Universiti.
We then mounted the"Lovers' Hill" of the campus and that was our 1st climb of the day.
Jer Ping's had a technical problem with his bike which was temporary rectified and was able to complete the ride.
Taman Pendidikan Hutan Bukit Gasing is where the popular campaign to save the hill from being raped for development.
We did it...Gasing Hill. I led the group up a wrong road which took to Gasing Heights condominium and had to re do the intended one.....hehehe sorry leh.
The view from the top of Gasing Hill.
Lunch time at Medan Selara Jalan Othman, Old Town Petaling Jaya
"Saapidu" means eat in Tamil ..... I love Malaysia we have a wide range &  variety of food in this country.
What a lucky day I bumped into a friend from RSC (Eddie) and I recognised the owner of this stall whom used to serve at RSC Kiara. She told me they have been here for the last 30 over years. So next time if you are craving for a banana leaf rice please visit Usha.
Time to refuel - a good break and refuelling at this gas station @ PJ State.

Commercial center of State Petaling Jaya.
The heat was getting serious as we headed back to Kuala Lumpur.
Two pictures of the motor lane of Federal Highway.

Brickfields - Little Bombay

Jer Ping parted from here and had to cycle another 10km to reach  home...that was a long ride for him on this 4th day of CNY. A day for him to remember.
Bye bye JP and we were near our completion base ...cold drinks were waiting for us. By the way we rode 55km for the day and JP did more with additional 20km from his home. Bravo!!!
Cheer!!! for a wonderful ride and we will do again....


Fah Mun Kwan said...

I can really see you guys enjoy riding in the urban city. I must join next time :)

nadz said...

Dear STL,

Very enjoyable riding and very happy to see you makan also.
Why my husband dont go for riding..he will get fit like you. Bila I tanya dia akan mahal lorr...

whoisnell said...

love impromptu arrangement!!
thanks for inviting and the lead.. great company n great fun.. ^*^

Sin Tai Lim said...

Kwan - we will do urban ride together which I used to do quite often.

Nadz - cycling is relatively an affordable sport beside it keeps you healthy

Seangnee - my invitation is mostly last minute ones so keep your ear open wide hehehe