Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Day of Chinese New Year - Ride to Genting Peras

This year we celebrated Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, family members came as far as from Penang, Kedah and Singapore and I had to be the host. Reunion Dinner is always about the same every year and we had steamboat in my house.

The most interesting part was that I created an event at facebook to invite a last minute ride at Hulu Langat as both my brothers are keen riders. We were thankful that the last minute invitation was able to get 4 friends to join us. 
These are my younger brothers (both are keen mountain bikers) on my folding bikes. 
So on the first day of Chinese New Year we loaded 3 folding  bicycles and headed to Pekan Batu 18 Ulu Langat. As we unload our bicycles, a local said to us "Tak ada raya kah?" "Aren't you celebrating CNY, why are you cycling during CNY?"
The road to Terkala Waterfall was closed and it has been closed for the last 2 to 3 months since a landslide occurred. We decided to ride in to have a look at the collapse.
This was the first time my brothers rode in Klang Valley and this was how we celebrated CNY in 2013 with other cycling buddies. Thanks to David Ong for taking this picture.
A stop for a good view of the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fantastic fresh air.  
Riding up this route was always lovely and the weather was excellent cooling & breezy. 

We rode to a limit that we can not ride any further, anything further means trouble.  
The man (at the extreme right) was trying to salvage his car from the bottom. Apparently his son drove into it a couple of hours ago when the place was in total darkness.
Unfortunately Fortunately the son was alright, he was able to climb up and walk back home to inform his family. We could see 3 cars down there and that sort of accident is uncalled for, the road has already been closed and yet there are people who just couldn't bother about the danger.
Let leave the place and head for Genting Perez.
I noticed that though it was barricaded but it is still passable by vehicles. I hope the Authority can tighten this blockage to avoid any further tragedy to happen. 
One for the album at the scene of the landslide.
The magnificent 7 that rode on the first day of Chinese New year. Gong Xi Gong Xi..


Bushido said...

Unfortunately the son was alright>>>>>> Do you really want it otherwise :-)

Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks for the apology.