Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chap Goh Meh Ride in the City of KL

A total of 18 friends turned up at Dataran Merdeka on the morning of "Chap Goh" 15th Day of Chinese New Year which was the last day of celebration.
Everyone was expecting to eat first on the Stage 1 of this ride and I took them to Chinatown which was very near to Dataran Merdeka.
 Chinatown is always colourful and it was already crowded in the morning of the 15th day of CNY. We were there for our breakfast and everyone were satisfied with their meals and were ready to roll.

Stage 2 - Maha Vihara Temple @ Brickfields was the first temple we visited out of the three in our itinerary.
Stage 3 - Thean Hou Temple, a short & steep climb from Brickfields.
We took a short cut through this cemetary @ Sg. Besi to an Air Force Museum, everyone were very quiet as we carefully rode through the cemetary....shhh....
Wow... we were welcomed by the staff of TUDM and was well taken care by them. Terima kasih!!!
Many of us were not aware of this place and were excited when we were allowed to enter into the military compound.
 Of course I had a good time and fun in the museum.

A chance to try a flight simulator, though it was a short stint but at least we know a bit of how to fly a jet plane as compared to our two wheels machine. And that was Stage 4 @ Muzium TUDM.
From TUDM we crossed back to Jalan Bellamy using the cemetery road and headed to a new park called Taman Dusun (Stage 5)
After a brief ride through the park, we came to this shady road next to the old nice to ride along this route.
Stage 7 - So here we were at the old Istana, the entire group went into the palace where Jotaro & myself were keeping an eye on our bicycles at the entrance.
Stage 8 - Petaling Jaya via the Federal Highway motor lane, Jotaro and Siew Kheong coming from the rear were the sweepers of the day. Thank You!!!
Stage 8 - Siamese Temple @ Jalan Gasing Wat Chetawan
Stage 9 - Lunch at Raju banana leaf rice at Jalan Chantek (Off Jalan Gasing)
A VIP came over our table and chit chatted with us, he was my super senior from my secondary school (Sultan Badlishah School) in Kulim.
After a good meal of banana leaf rice, it was time to ride back to Kuala Lumpur
The last stage was slightly hitched by a drizzle but it did not dampen our spirit we proceeded and completed safely back to Dataran Merdeka. Thanks to every single riders who were cooperative and most importantly a safe ride was achieved besides the fun we had. See you again cheers!!!

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