Monday, February 04, 2013

A Ride to Celebrate City Day

I was informed of this event via facebook and I registered for it. There was no need of paying any fee and on top of that you get a free tee shirt and food, how wonderful.
After the registration at the Stadium Badminton Cheras a few of us went opposite the road for breakfast.
This bowl of curry noodle was excellent with rich creamy curry and  the taste was excellent, this stall is housed in a corner coffee shop beneath an office of Democratic Action Party.
It was nice to meet Elaine Wong again, as usual she was busy taking care of the event.
Gus Ghani, a new friend whom I met at this event he is such a friendly chap. Next to him is Michelle Sit and both looking good indeed.
The friends from I love cycling 365 Days, great loving bunch of people .... they really love cycling and keep it up.
David & Ben both eagerly waiting for the ride to start as we mingled around chatting with friends in the cycling network.
All ready for the flag off and I know quite a number of registered riders did not turn up due to some mis-communication with the organiser. They took matter too serious, relax my friends..... I just want to cycle, talk less and enjoy the ride. Riding has given me good exercise and I wish to amintain it as long as possible.
There were a couple of long stops and it was affecting the rhythm of the our ride.
By the way this event was organised in conjunction with the City Day Celebration.
I like such events, the colour, the fun riding on major monitored and controlled by Traffic Police & Marshals and mostly important the smiling faces of all various races. Malaysia is such a lovely country.

Wow! And a surprise, we were directed into the Football Stadium with thousands of people in it, so colourful and lively. And you know what the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the wife & Ministers were at the VIP stand.
It was something like a fish trap, "kelong fish trap" and only then I realised why we were kept to wait again and again. The organiser managed to contain and lead this school of fishes into the stadium timely. It was an experience though but it would have been better if we were informed of such intention. That was without any doubt a good catch.
This route covered only 26km starting from Badminton Stadium and finishing at Football Stadium both in the vicinity of Cheras, located at the southern part of Kuala Lumpur. The road condition wasn't too good with lots of pot holes / uneven surfaces, in fact I have witnessed several falls during the ride. All in all it was still a good celebration for City Day.

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