Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rawang - Kuang - Kundang - Rawang Loop

A last minute decision to join this ride by SC Chin in Rawang we met up at Tesco Rawang the one and only one in Rawang. HaPpY hApPy Snake Year.
It was on the 4th Day of Chinese New Year and a wet morning in Rawang.
Off we went from Tesco....
Immediately after the town of Rawang we entered a road lined with big trees before we reach a cement plant.
The famous plant of Rawang which was the first cement plant in Malaysia established in 1953....way before I was born.
That was the furthest we could go as far as the plant security is concerned and we were reminded that no photography is allowed in this area.
The turning from a "Y" junction into the plant before we proceeded to Guthire Plantation.

We left the plant and had to exert greater pressure to leg muscles in order to ascend to higher land.

Looks like Mount Fuji ... anyway we had a good view of Rawang from this spot.

Then we reached an oil palm plantation with interesting contour which is kind of a winding dragon back.
After a monotonous view oil palm plantation we saw sign of civilisation at last.

A small town called Pekan Kuang.
My fate for a puncture free did not last too long and it had to be at Kuang town.

The Blue Lake that had a lot of stories tell such as drowning cases, water sports but one thing for certain it does not look blue to me.
I wish I could play a game of golf here as I have never set my foot at this golf course before.
Our tour guide SC Chin was taking us to a popular shop for lunch...
And he found the place he told us that the last time he patronised this shop was donkey years ago and it's still doing very well. And here we were for the famous Kundang noodle.
I love this Kon Loh Mee chewy and tasty - I reckon this is the best noodle in Kundang
The business in this shop is brisk and classic.
The people of Kundang hanging out in this coffee shop for a good meal of noodle.
When you are too "green" people might think that you are crazy. This man knows how to recycle old newspaper.
A" heart" shape route of Rawang experience.

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