Monday, May 13, 2013

Avanti Heart to Heart - Pahlawan Charity Ride for the Heroes of Lahat Datu

It was Labour Day and I have opted to join this event  in the city of Kuala Lumpur.
The Route of a total distance of 30km.
Thanks to My Bicycle Shop for initiating me to join this event. I joined as a ghost rider as I have missed the chance to register.
7.30 - Breakfast at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. LK Tan was with us for the ride, we started together from Royal Selangor Club Bukit Kiara.
8:00 - Registration & collection of goodies was still on going.
 It's photography and breakfast time before the flag off.

My fellow ghost riders of the Day.
That"s the way little young men, keep it up!!!
8:40 - The flag off
 Enjoy your ride, it's not race, ride safe and have fun!!!

8:58 - The thrill of entering Penchala Tunnel (Terowong Penchala) and my first time cycling through.
 The fun and experience of cycling through a tunnel but not long enough, I would love to try SMART Tunnel if there is an opportunity.

9:03 - Out of the tunnel.
9:10 - Desa Hartamas on the Sprint Highway.
 9:30 - Damansara - Mahameru

Friends from
One of those things in cycling, not a big issue and medical assistance is ever ready.
9:40 - Arrived at Plaza Tugu Negara
First pit stop for drink & banana.
 The weather was excellent!!!

Bumped into an Italiano friend for the second time in the cycling events, glad to see you again Milena Ciroli.
 Another friend from My Bicycle Shop.

9:45 - Getting ready to leave Plaza Tugu Negara
Let's move on again.....
 The ride along Jalan Parliment.

10:15 - Arriving at Dataran Merdeka

 Another stop to enjoy the beauty of Dataran Merdeka.

 A chance in a life time to see Super Model at work in Dataran Merdeka.

10:25 - Leaving Dataran Merdeka
10:30 - Old KTM Station
Caught a new Dahon Dash
Thanks to the cameramen for their photos.
10:35 - Entering Jalan Maarof
10:45 - Leaving Bangsar
10:50 - Jalan Damansara
 11:00 - Free shower at the finishing line.

 Thanks to the owners of this super bike for allowing us to sit on it. Terima Kasih!!!

I like this capture by
 Thanks to for these pictures.

 Thanks to Cycling Malaysia magazine for these pictures.

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