Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yong Tat Seafood Restaurant @ Kg. Teluk Gong, Perlabuhan Klang

From Setiawangsa to Yong Tat is a bit far away but for the love of food and for a special occasion I do not mind. Sorry I missed the chance to capture the Lala Fried Bihun it was kind of unique and was delicious, most customers have it on their tables.
Fresh steamed prawns - super juicy and tasty 
Steamed fresh La La clams - the clams were meticulously placed on the plate steam with Chinese wine , fine slices of ginger, chilli padi and I tell you you must try this....just don't leave this place without this.
I like this roasted free range (kampung) chicken perfectly roasted crispy on the skin and juicy in the inside...mmmm yummy.
Marmite fried crabs - though the crabs were not really big but they were fresh and the taste was awesome.
Steamed Soon Hong (顺风鱼) fish - simple yet scrumptious.
These baby squids was intriguing, fresh and deliciously chewy.....
Oyster omelette was a disappointment the oysters were too small and it was like mere eating a fried plain egg omelette.
Mushroom was the closest dish for a vegetable selection.
The special occasion was a birthday celebration for Yun Nee & Happy Birthday to her. Thanks for the wonderful & interesting seafood dinner.

Yong Tat Seafood Restaurant (榮達海鲜餐室)
Jalan Telok Gong
Kg. Teluk Gong
Port Klang
GPS : 2.947354,101.38022

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Food Dreams said...

I like this place a lot... their lala beehoon is really good! we also pre-ordered a special chicken soup with dried scallops... you must try this next time you go...

Sin Tai Lim said...

Food Dream - i like soup and will keep that in mind.....thank you very much.

xin sheng huo said...

Might go to try it tonight.
Thanks for yr info.

I do love to share all the food info that I try.