Friday, May 03, 2013

A Thank You Note to My Cyclist Friends - hApPy HaPpY Birthday

Ribuan terima kasih - I am very grateful to all my friends who have secretly arranged this party for me.
A moment of happiness and I was lost for words .... you made me want to cry ....hehehe
What a marvellous bash they made me younger....
All the cheerful boy cyclists posing the crocodile stance.
And also all my lovely lady cyclists of the night. They have truly light up the night.
To my good buddies- you are my men ありがとうございます!!! & the man in white, Wee for the unlimited flow of booze...kamsia kamsia...
谢谢 - Michael for the whiskey, Liliana & Chin for the gift & Kwan for the photos.

I like this picture everyone is so joyful...
It started off with everyone mannerly seated and slowly enjoying their food & drinks.
Thanks Seang Nee for the lovely self made buntings.
Let's dance.....
Thanks to Alex & Julie for their lovely photo shots & gift.
My old buddy Jotaro - kamsia che che!!!
Terima Kasih  Nash for putting up a good show to surprise me, you could do better than this....hehehe.
Thank you - Daniella, when can we cha cha again....
Double thumb up with Irene - Thank you my lady.
LK Tan, glad that you were part of this, Nanri..
One more please, small one will do ...I bet Yew Ming will remember this bash for a long long time. Thanks bro!!!
Once again Thank You!!! for a wonderful party & all the gifts, you really made this birthday of mine a memorable one....

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