Sunday, May 05, 2013

Empurau Treat @ 旺星(六福)酒家 Pandan Lake Seafood Village

Thanks to Teow Oei for inviting me for this fish tasting session and I was glad to meet James Wong the master of all these fishes. With us is my buddy Joe aka Jotaro Zen
This Empurau fish costs more than ten thousand Ringgit and it from Sibu Sarawak.
James breeds many type of fishes, his tilapia are as heavy as 4 kg and definitely big for a tilapia fish. As for this food tasting he prepared a salt baked dish.
Together with us is a group of friends from a Chinese media.
The skin was carefully removed by James and was then ready for the tasting. I like it. It was fresh sweet and juicy in the inside. Good leh!
James took me to his kitchen and showed me the fishes that we will be eating later. He asked me the smell the emparau fish, a bit shock and out of courtesy I smelled it and surprisingly it had a good aroma....
There were two type of catfishes that we will be eating one of them from Laos and another a local bred.
James discussing with his chef as how he wanted the fishes to be prepared....
The highlight of the evening, the Empurau fish merely steamed with a slight doses of salt and nothing more, incredibly tasty.  It had a sweet creamy taste, I like it.
The scale is so soft that it is eatable.

The two different type of catfishes on the table, Loas versus Malaysian.

My tummy was already full and yet James took out a plastic bag of fresh oysters from China and he going to served again..
Braised fresh and raw fish maw. The taste was absolutely different from the dried type, it was very creamy and sticky...ready stick to your mouth. I think one requires a period of time to acquire such taste especially for the first time.
Here comes the oysters from China served on a hot plate still big and succulent.
The other half portion was prepared in deep fried version which was supposed to pair with our beer.
I have never eaten so much fishes in one meal and these were expensive particularly empurau. Thanks to James & Oei for their kind invitation and it was a memorable meal for me.

Soon this restaurant will be shifting to a new place as the present one has been sold for a development.

旺星(六福)酒家 Pandan Lake Seafood Village
Lot 28, Jalan Perdana 3/8, 
Pandan Perdana, 
55300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
GPS : 3.118608,101.743585

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