Monday, June 08, 2015

Kuching 2015 - Day 1 Here We Come with Our Bicycles

My previous trips to Kuching were during the 80's and it was all working trips. This time it was a group cycling adventures planned by Freda John & Kimmiskie. Me and Jo landed in Kuching a day earlier before the group. Jo had the chance to meet up with her varsity mate and thanks to Shirley Hi for showing us around and took us to places for good food. As usual we packed our folding bikes for the journey and were anxious to see Kuching as soon as possible and also as much as possible in the Land of Hornbills.
Shirley brought us here for our first meal in Kuching at Chong Choon Cafe 泉春茶室 at Jalan Abell where Sawarak Laksa and Kolo Mee are among the popular ones found in Kuching. We were lucky to get a table the moment we arrived at the coffee shop. The crowd kept coming in and had to wait for their tables, I can see that the kopitiam is really popular among the locals.
I like this side order ... popiah, carrot cake and the brown kueh.
The Sarawak Laksa at Chong Choon is nothing spectacular just like a typical one, I have seen and tasted better ones in Kuching.
The Kolo Mee tasted just ok ok. I think there are some in KL that are equally good or even better.
The Kopi 'O' in Kuching is not as "kau" as in Peninsula but the fragrant is lovely. Anyway, satu lagi Kopi 'O' kosong please.
A couple of hours later after we have checked into Riverside Majestic, Shirley was back to continue our makan adventure.
So our round 2 makan makan at Summer House (GPS : 1.553305, 110.343263), somewhere near Sawarak Museum, actually we wanted to try the one at Pandungan by Song Kheng Hai (Food Court Stall No.26 but it was closed). Though this place is old but you get to eat in the comfort of a green park.
Belacan Beehoon - a dish I find that it is unique, different and special, I quite like the taste of it.
Sawarak Rojak looks like Penang Rojak and it also tasted like Penang Rojak, I like the soft taupok ..soft and yummy.
One of the smallest bowl of ABC old Ice Kacang I have ever eaten. Fortunately it tasted good.
There were some spare times in between our eating adventures, I took the opportunity to roam and recce the neighbourhood of this classic city.  
There is at least two old temples found at this area. 
My Brompton by the River of Sarawak. The Kuching Waterfront is a 2 kilometre long riverside esplanade stretching from the main hotel and commercial heartland of the city to downtown Kuching.

A tea break at the Riverside Building with a local nasi lemak bungkus. The dry salted fish is "fresh" it simply taste very good, the sambal is on the sweet side and it was a good tea break!
A view from our room at Sarawak River.
The temple opposite the food court at Carpenter Street.
Braised soy magic that came with our Kueh Chap ... it was heavenly delicious.
The Kueh Chap is thin and smooth and the soup has character I love the taste.
 It was a good choice to eat at this place without knowing earlier for its popular food here and I was told that the the pork satay is a must try food but only in the afternoon.

A revived cycling appointment of more than 30 over kilometres from Waterfront to the newer Sawarak City and back. That really helped us to justify our entire eating adventure for the day. Thanks to Freda, Patrick, Allan, Sandi and Peter for leading the ride. Cheers!

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