Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kuching Day 2 - Gathering of My Cycling Friends & Dinner at Top Spot Seafood Food Court

7.30am Shirley and her husband picked us up from the hotel and brought us to Ta Wan Kung 大碗公面店 located at Jalan Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, Off Jalan Pandungan, somewhere opposite Dewan Masyarakat Pandungan. 
 Tofu stuffed with minced meat served with soup and interestingly with actual soya bean in the soup. I ate like the local does by breaking the tofu into smaller pieces.
Besides the standard Kolo Mee with char Siu, this is pork chop noodle. I like it very much.
Salad Kolo Mee was Jo's favourite.
The eating continued at Chinatown, Jalan Padungan for round two. This time it was at Sin Poh Poh Cafe.
Gong Pia (光饼) is a Foochow/Fuzhou (福州) delicacy. It is different from the one in Sitiawan, it is a small in size and filled with minced pork.
Shirley's husband ordered a bowl of liver soup I took a piece and that was the most I could take. I have already refrain myself from delicacy I used to like them.
Kampua Mee looks like Kolo Mee to me, apparently the texture of the noodle is different maybe I have to try it again to check the differences.
Wanton soup that came with the Kampua noodle, these minced meat dumplings were nice and delicious.
One with the cats at Waterfront before we pedalled our way to meet the gang from Kuala Lumpur, by then they have already landed in Kuching and should be cycling to the meeting point.
The day was hot as we slowly ride towards north of Kuching into the newer Kuching or it is known as Petra Jaya.
A stop at Pending - Petra Jaya tolled bridge also known as Tun Salahuddin Bridge.
A view at the famous Sarawak River and the downtown Kuching from the bridge.
Here we were at the toll plaza where we were supposed to meet. I was told that this is the only toll plaza found in Kuching and the State Government is planning to abolish it. That's is good news if it's true.
Our local friend Simon was ready waiting for the the group and we chatted under the shade while waiting for the group to arrive. Simon is an ardent cyclist, he loves cycling long distance and he have done it many times and solo. Well done Simon I hope one day I can join you.
After 20 minutes or so we saw familiar faces appearing from the hot air.
The ultimate gathering of the participants for the celebration of Gawai in Sarawak began.
Our super cool host Freda and her support vehicle. Those stuffs behind her truck were the bags and boxes for the bicycles.
The weather remained hot we followed Freda to the place we will be staying during our time in Kuching. 

Kg. Siol Kandis here we come.

The homestay in a village and that the place we going to rub it in for the next few days.
The beautiful sun was setting as we approach the river side of Sarawak River.
One for the album before it gets dark.
After a short ride from the homestay we changed our mode of transportation.
Let's fold our bikes, bring into the sampan and row across the river to the other side for dinner.
We had to park our bicycles at the ground floor and dinner place was at the roof top. I was shock to see the huge crowd and it was eating all the way at Top Spot Seafood Food Court.
Here goes the KL people with a toss and a loud yum seng.
What a magnificent dinner in 3 tables enjoying the delicious seafood of Kuching. Midin the jungle fern and the oyster dishes were something extraordinary.
We rode back to the homestay after the sumptuous dinner and it was about 10 kilometers away. Good night, tomorrow is Gawai Day and we were ready to party.

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