Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's Cycle 2 - Day 3 - Bidor - Kampar - Ipoh

Thank You Loong Fatt Hotel for your kind hospitality. It's Day 3 and there will be 3 major activities that we will be involved for the day.
We were invited to join a Tai Chi class in the central of Bidor town. I think Tai Chi exercise is cool especially when age is catching up. I could feel certain parts of my muscles were being stretched and stressed (It's kind of a good warm up exercise). I might want to take up this Chinese martial art.
One for the album with all the Tai Chi Asoh Asoh of Bidor.
This sister swapped bicycle with Baki and rode around Bidor before taking us for breakfast. It seems that she likes this folding bike very much.
The food at the market is fabulous. I like my Mee Java.
We left Bidor shortly after our breakfast and it took another 10km to reach Tapah. We had to pack some food for lunch.
Some packed Indian food, Rickman packed Chinese fried Beehoon and Malay rice for Baki & myself. We are so blessed in Malaysia with so many types of food in this country.
Here come the Kampar Boy, Alexander Macnab whom he lead us to Lata Kinjang from Tapah.
Somewhere in Tapah, Macnab made a turn away from the busy trunk road into a quiet route to the waterfall. I love this route via Chenderiang it's serene, quiet and with beautiful scenery.
I simply love my durian and kampung durian is the best.
The durian lovers with the kampong durian from Chenderiang.
The weather remained awesome for the day couple with the scenic route we could just continually ride on.
Ultimately, turning to the waterfall, Lata Kinjang.
This waterfall is one of the best known falls in Malaysia, it can be seen from the North-South Highway. Lata Kinjang is one of the tallest falls in Malaysia.
The fun and thrill at the waterfall. The water was clean and cold.
Our "tapau" lunch from Tapah.
Our next destination was an organic farm not too far away from the waterfall.
Green Wish Vegi Garden began from the passion of Ng Khian Ee (Kenny) & his wife, Lee May. It is strictly an organic farm.
We were given a task to weed a bed and grow long beans.
Our task was satisfactorily executed and documented, I hope you people will see this episode of Let's Cycle 2 this coming October.
All work was completed and refreshment (Green Wish produced Roselle Syrup) was served. Thank you Kenny & Lee May for their kind hospitality. Hi guys do check this place out if you are interested in visiting this farm.
The journey continued toward Kampar.
Here was I carrying the cekur manis vegetable from Green Wish Farm. This veggie shall be cooked and served for the Old Folk in Jelapang.
It was dark and late we had to take a commuter train to Ipoh from Kampar. From Ipoh Station we had to cycle to old town for a dinner and then to MH Hotel for the night.
Day 3 - we travelled a total distance of 110km including a train ride of 42km hence we actually rode only 68km. It was a long day in deed.

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