Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Let's Cycle 2 - Day 1 - Rawang - Kuala Kubu Bharu

This is the second season of Let's Cycle, a TV programme hosted by 8TV. I am glad to be part of this project and feeling excited about the whole participation. So remember to watch this TV programme starting from 4th October 2015 (every Sunday 9.30pm).
Uncle Lim or 校长 (Headmaster) arrived a day before the tour and stayed at my home. He was happy visiting places of interest before going to my place. Welcome to KL
A small get together was held at my house where the 3 seniors met the two TV hosts before we start our journey together.
Day 1 started at the old KTM train station where we took a commuter train to Rawang to avoid the difficult stretch of road at Selayang - Rawang.
Here we were the five of us about to start a 7 days tour to Penang. TV hosts are Baki Zainal & Rickman Chia and the 3 seniors are  校长, Fenn Siah & myself.
Three Brompton bikes unfolded at the road side and getting ready to begin the journey. While 校长 used his 30 over years road bike and Rickman & on his faithful Surly.
Off we rolled from Rawang Town, the weather was good to us though the traffic in the town was busy as usual, it didn't bother us as we were cycling....
The ride to Kuala Kubu Bahru town was easy covering a distance of about 37km.
KKB began as a mining town in the 18th century, originally located between two tributaries of the Selangor River. In its heyday, it was the second biggest town in Selangor.
A homestay at one of the pre-war shop houses and that was our first accommodation, I like the authenticity of its shophouse characteristic and it location in the heart of KKB (Kuala Kubu Bahru) town.
Our lunch at Ilmio Cafe just on the ground floor of the home stay. Lunch was simple and good.
After a good rest and lunch we climbed to Sungai Selangor Dam, the view was scenic though the weather started to get a bit hotter.
Midway down towards KKB Town we stopped by an Indian temple for a brief visit.
Our next stop was a hot springs, this is my first time visiting KKB Hot Springs, I did not know that there is one here and surprisingly it is clean and well taken care. Bravo to the community and committee for taking such a good care of this natural resource.
It reminded me of the onsen I tried at Ryokan Yamazaki at Kyoto. Of course I had a good warm dip in it.
Time to sleep and gearing for Day 2.
Our Day 1 route with a total distance of 57 km.

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