Friday, June 12, 2015

Kuching 2015 - Day 4 - Kampong Hopping and Makan All the Way

Good Morning Kampong Mongkos! Some of us stayed in this longhouse and some of us spent the night in a community hall, there was a blackout last night and the night celebration was somehow interrupted.
One of the entrance to the longhouse and the space beneath is being used as a store.
A simple meal for breakfast provided at the homestay.
The serene and peaceful morning atmosphere in the kampong.
We were ready to start our day for another Gawai experience at Kg. Mongkos.
Six of our friends wanted to cycle back to Kuching and successfully they have managed to complete the ride and have clocked over 100 kilometres on this day. My salute to them, our truly strong riders indeed.
While the majority of us hang around in the village and visited two nearby attractions before another Gawai ceremony starts. A local head was kind enough to lead us to these sacred places.
It was an off road ride, our folding bikes were able to handle it without any hassle.
Our friendly guide briefing us with interesting stories of these legendary spots.
Crocodile rock - a huge croc surfacing from the water with its mouth wide open.
Bukit Kapal - Legend has it that this “bukit” (hill) comprises a woman and her daughter as well as a Bugis boat that turned into stone after being cursed for insulting a crab. Photo showing part of the hull.
Sarawak produces 98% of Malaysian pepper. Currently, Malaysia ranks No. 5 after Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Brazil in terms of pepper production. Planting pepper in small plots among families in the kampong is a common practice.
After visiting Bukit Kapal, we came back to the village and we could see that the people was in a festive mood coming out from their houses and heading to the longhouse.

We kept our bicycle at our 'door' at the longhouse.
The Chief initiating the ceremony, the man behind him (with head gear) was our guide earlier in the morning.
Dancing is a common ritual for Gawai celebration and we have fun dancing together with the folks.
Of course not forgetting the traditional music.
Beside the local people gathering at the longhouse there were also many tourists present to witness this auspicious day.
Patrick came to the rescue, one of our bicycle encountered a technical problem during our ride to another Bidayuh village, Kampong Mentu Ponduk. Thank you Patrick.
Our kampong hopping has brought us to Kg. Mentu Poduk where we were welcomed by Freda's Aunty & family.
They even rear pigs at their home, what a sustainable village lifestyle seen in this plot of land.
 Thanks to Freda's Cousin and family for their warmth hospitality. That was a great lunch.
The food was delicious and there were tauk and beers for us too.
Thank you so much, we hope to come back to this part of the world again. Cheers.
And it's back to Kg. Bunan Gega for our bus to take us back to Kuching. 
Here we were, waiting for our bus and for sure we were not going to cycle 100 kilometre to Kuching.
Just before we were reach Kuching somewhere in Siburan we visited Freda sister's house for another party.
Patrick, the house owner was very entertaining and thank you Sir for your warm hospitality. Madam's food was the best.
It was serving of tuak again and one should not refuse it's offensive if you do.
Another good brew that can be well remembered.
 We simply love and enjoy Freda sister's cooking, another fantastic Gawai feast. Terima kasih.
Freda's daughter in law and grandson, you must try her home made cake.
Hi young Bidayuh you are the future. I hope one day you will lead the nation.

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