Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kuching 2015 Day 5 - Mini Kuching Tour & A Visit to Freda's House

Yes we are back to Kuching, again we used the sampan to go to the waterfront instead of taking a long ride and moreover we had an appointment to meet our Kuching cycling friends at 6.30am

Friends from Kuching  started to appear and the weather was fine and lovely in the morning.
One for the album the meeting of Kuala Lumpur and Kuching riders and a hip hip horay to this meeting.
Joon and Kuching friends were going to show us around Kuching but first of all it was breakfast time. And it was Jalan Padungan for breakfast, most shops in Sarawak are closed during Gawai Dayak festival but not all.
The making of Foo Chow Gong Pia (光饼) not by the traditional way using of charcoal oven.
Like I have said before the porridge in Kuching is awesome, you must try their pork porridge. It's charcoal burnt porridge at Min Hong Kee!!!
An old shop at Jalan Padungan and one of the popular ones in Kuching. Enjoy the food here!
Another yummy Sawarak Laksa that one must not miss when in Sarawak.
A group photo at the gateway of Chinatown, Kuching.
 The mini tour of Kuching commences as we were guided by our lovely Kuching buddies.
This kapok tree at Padang Merdeka is about 90 years old and it was valued at one over million Ringgit in 2006.

The Sarawak State Museum is the oldest museum in Borneo. It was founded in 1888 and opened in 1891 in a purpose-built building. Naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace encouraged Charles Brooke, the second White Rajah of Sarawak, to establish the museum.

Let's visit Malaysia - China Friendship Park 馬中公園
The Malaysia-China Friendship Park built in 2005 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Malaysia-China diplomatic relations.
It is located at Tabuan Heights, Jalan Song, Kuching.
 The statue of Zheng He proudly standing in Kuching with nice Chinese architectural buildings for restaurant and others.
The heat was getting hotter, we wanted something to cool us down and went hunting for ABC.
It's food again at Foody Goody Cafe 美食轩 (GPS location : 1.518330, 110.378485 ), Jalan Setia Raja near KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital.
I can not recall the name of this noodle, it's a bit tangy and something which we hardly see in KL.
Dian Bian Gu"(鼎边糊) - Another Foo Chow delicacy.
Something special here it's a Sarawak tomato crispy noodle, the mee is yee mien like we call it Kuala Lumpur.
We aborted the plan to ride to Semonggok Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre due to the hot weather and opted for somewhere cooling.....
And it was a mega shopping mall in Kuching, the OneCity Megamall.
Some had coffee, some went shopping in the complex as we waited for the sun to be friendlier before we go out again with our iron horses.
It was about another 3 kilometres to Freda's house, the rain came but we just continued and brave the wet weather.
Freda regrouped us at this turning to her kampong and the rain continued to stay on.
Riding towards the land of Bidayuh and it could be as far as to the hills.
And finally we reached Freda's house at Jalan Sg. Duuh, Kg. Sg. Duuh. The distance from Jalan Song, Kuching is about 26 kilometres coupled with the earlier morning ride with our Kuching friends we could easily clocked 40 plus kilometres for the day.
Another chance to taste tauk at Freda's house.
Wow it was delicious food again at the sweet home of Patrick & Freda, not forgetting the fresh prawns brought in by Joon Awe & Margaret and our great cooks Lilian & Chris Ng for preparing that lovely dish. We enjoyed the food, the wine, tuak and the beer. We wanted to stay a bit longer but our bus was waiting to bring us back to our homestay. Thank goodness Freda has arranged for the bus I just can not imagine cycling back to Kuching after all the drink and food we had. That was a great relief indeed.
We were drenched and wet when we came, our kind host provided us towels and clothing to change. We really appreciate what Freda has done for us. She is a super host.
We took a walk into the inner part of the kampong where most of the local folk used to stay a long time ago up the hill side and apparently they are still people staying there. We just walked until the river and turned back for dinner.

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