Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kuching 2015 Day 6 - Our Last day in Kuching and it's back to KL

 Good morning we will be going back to Kuala Lumpur later in the day, let's go down town for a good breakfast and good morning boat man thank ypu for bringing us across the river. 
 It cost us RM2.00 per crossing per person, what a cool transportation. This could be a daily mode of transportation to work with sampan and bicycle. Don't you think it's cool.
We roamed around looking for a place to eat at Jalan Padungan.
 I chose a soy sauce pork rice that came with a small bowl of soup and also a bowl of vegetable curry. Jo has porridge with dried fish maw.
A last minute shopping at Kuching Main Bazaar.
The Sarawak layer cake is a layered cake, traditionally served in Sarawak on special occasions. A unique feature of Sarawak's open houses is the modern layered cakes.
 Joe seems like taking up a part time job manning the folding bicycles.
We miss this one we shall be back for you!
Everyone was busy packing their bicycles.
Photo credit to Kiki Yong. 
It's time to go home, we came to Kuching with one Ikea dimpa bag and a 5 roller bag for the our bicycles but we went back with two dimpa bags. The 5 roller bag zipper went kaput.
This trip was a memorable one and it was our first Gawai Dayak experience.
We must thank Freda & Patrick for being such a super host and we were well taken care during the stay. Ribuan Terima Kasih!!! No forgetting Kimmiskie for the planning and arrangement of this successful trip, Thank you Kim!

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