Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good Food & Snow Beer at Restoran Maysin, Ipoh

Within the vicinity of this heritage town of Ipoh you can find a few restaurants that serve good Tai Chow and it is also popular for its super cold beer. Restoran Maysin is one of the several places you may want to try.
Friends from Thailand, Singapore and various states were in Ipoh with our small wheels invasion. This was how we parked our Brommies while we dine.
Simple fried Beehoon yet delicious.
Fried mantis prawns with salted egg, sinful but yummy, it surely went well with our beer.
Another simple fry, nice and tasty.
A gorgeous dish for beer drinking it was a cucumber fried with baby squids, anchovies and dried cuttle fish. A rare dish and highly recommended.
Deep fried pork belly - it was well fried crispy on the outside soft in the inside.
It has been a long time I have not tasted this small fried fish, my mom used to do it at home and again super well paired with the beer.
Would you like to try a stir fried pig fallopian tube "Sang Cheong", it's popular and some simply love it.
The secret as how the snow beer is formed.
Nothing like starting with a super cold beer, this place is popular for its snow beer and it was our second night here. Photo credit : Fugitive Bob.
Restoran Maysin
Jalan Tun Sambathan
GPS : 4.597550, 101.078135

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