Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sun Tuck Kee 新德记炒粉店 for a Fried Ipoh Hor Fun

We just could not leave Ipoh without savouring its famous fried noodle specifically Yut Kwong Hor, so we headed to Jalan Yau Tet Shin looking for Tuck Kee. Unfortunately Tuck Kee was closed at that time but a door away there is Sun Tuck Kee literally it means "New Tuck Kee". More than 6 years ago I have blogged Restoran Tuck Kee & its famous fried noodles, I just hope that this Sun Tuck Kee can do justice.
Yut Kwong Hor or "moonlight" fried noodle is one of the popular dishes serve at this place. A raw egg is placed on top of the fried Hor Fun which represents the bright moonlight. Well the taste was found to be good and yummy.
Wat Tan Hor or also known as Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow is supposedly the most popular of all the fried noodle, the serving comes with a bowl flooded with its thick gravy. It's different from the one in Penang Tua Pan Kuay Teow I think I like the version in Penang. One thing for sure the kuay teow (hor fun) in Ipoh is rather unique it is smooth and no other places can beat it.
A plate of Ipoh famous bean sprouts is not to be missed it is simple yet lovely to eat.
All in all the fried noodles at Sun Tuck Kee is found to be rather good, obviously there is a competition between the the old one and the new old ... to me it's about the same.
Before we cycle to the train station we went to Funny Fountain 奇峰 for its Tau Fu Fa 豆腐花, a small bowl for RM1.20 just enough to fill my teeth cavities. Pricing seems to increase each time I patronise this stall.
Bye Bye Ipoh we will be back again.
Sun Tuck Kee

65, Jalan Yau Tet Shin
HP: 012-514 2228 (Teoh Peng Kok)
GPS :  4.593794, 101.084568

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